Installation Guide (Petunjuk Instalasi)

- Download Lite or Full Client from your link of choice
- Extract everything to your folder of choice
- Open up AyamRO Patcher and make sure it is up to date
- Play Game.

- Download Lite atau Full client dari pilihan link dibawah
- Ekstrak semua isi foldernya kefolder yang anda inginkan
- Buka AyamRO patcher dan pastikan client anda sudah tidak ada update lagi
- Mainkan AyamRO.

Download Link

RAGEXE 27032017
If you are downloading our Client before 27032017 please download this as well
Download Ragexe 27032017
Palete Fix

Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q)

- English
Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q : Should I download LITE or FULL ?
A : If you have latest kRO (2017) then LITE client should be fine. If you are using 2015+ client you can also download LITE Client but it is recommended to download the FULL one. If you are using any client before 2015 then you have to download FULL Client.

Q : Failed to connect to server ?
A : Download http://bit.ly/ayamupdateeps1 and replace the Ragexe to this one. Make sure the RAGEXE modified date is 26/03/2017

Q : Ragexe Force Close Error ?
A : There are several things that may cause this. First, your antivirus treat ragexe as virus. Secondly, Incomplete download or error. If you are downloading FULL Client then I suggest you to download LITE Client as well and the RAGEXE just in case.

Q : Sprite Error Gibberish word came up ?
A : Most likely this is happen when you are not using the latest kRO. Please download our FULL Client.

- Indonesia -
Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q : Download yang mana gan ? LITE atau FULL ?
A : Kalau agan dah ada kRO client 2015+ bisa agan download yang LITE tapi lebihane rekomendasiin yang full. Kalo agan udah latest cukup yang lite. Kalau agan masih pake RO 2015 kebawah atau Gravindo lebih baik download yang FULL.

Q : Failed to connect to server ?
A : Download http://bit.ly/ayamupdateeps1 lalu timpa semua file didalam. Pastikan RAGEXE date modified sudah tanggal 26/03/2017

Q : Ragexe Force Close Error ?
A : Ini bisa macem2 gan, bisa antivirus agan nganggep ini virus sehingga diblokir. Bisa juga downloadnya gk beres om. Coba redownload dlu atau download RAGEXE updateeps1.

Q : Sprite Error ? Pas masuk RO banyak bahasa gk jelas om ?
A : Ini kemungkinan karena kRO nya kurang compatible, coba download yang FULL Client.